It’s a great day at the office when we get our Beer52 delivery ☺  It’s a no brainer for us, we believe that real brand advocates get excited by the discovery of a brand but even more so when you use them and see what they are all about. So, when we placed the order on Wednesday it was almost so easy that it was done and dusted and we got back to work. This was the first thing that hit us when interacting with Beer52, I myself have a pretty low tolerance level (some would say attention span ☺ ) for anything that is intended to enhance life or make it more fun…. It shouldn’t take ages and need a song and dance. Figuring out the offer and the process to order was quick, simple and great value.

When the box arrived, I was all excited by the unknown that lay inside. It looked great, wasn’t overly packed with unnecessary card or plastic and my online shopping brain list was ticked as I clocked this box could fit in my bag to get it home on the tube, result! So taste testing commenced at 4.59pm on the dot, we are an efficient bunch here at Unity Street, and I was accompanied by 2 real beer drinkers; one who was used to the familiarity of the beer tap in his local and one who loves a craft ale. As an amateur beer drinker, I’ve long been told my bottle of corona is not actually beer but more of an adult Capri Sun, I smelt them, sipped them, admired the labels and was gobsmacked by how many of them I liked! Not just tolerated, liked!!! 

The penny dropped for me as 45 minutes later we were having conversation’s that just wouldn’t have happened without this lovely little box. The different flavours and tastes evoked memories and stories of days and travels gone by. Looking at the breweries that had produced them and flicking through the magazine that told us about how they were produced. I live up North and I am proudly surrounded by a good range of ale pubs, pop ups and street food and drink festivals but have never really known how or what to order. This taste session made me think maybe I should be less in my drinking comfort zone and dip that toe out there. Ferment magazine was a great read, well produced and a decent mix of industry news and inspiration without putting off the rookies like me. And I am a firm believer in always grabbing a bag of bacon fries at the bar so the addition of the snack pack was genius and was hoovered down in no time

Beer 52 nailed it with their attention to detail, the mix of the contents of the box, the tone of the interaction and of course the sheer quality of what you get for your money. I shared my coupon code with 2 real ale drinking friends of mine and my less experienced but intrigued dad and told them enthusiastically about my experience so far. The monthly price is perfectly positioned for the novice or expert as wherever you sit in your ale enthusiasm this was a great evening!