One of the ruts that we often fall into is simply buying from the same, well-known brands over and over again. Because they're convenient, we know our way around them and we are happily in our comfort zones it is easy to stay this way. But what about when there is a better product out there or a better price point for our budget?  Whether it be clothes, places to eat, or a way to save myself some cash I don’t want to be a carbon copy of what the high street and everyone else is. Plus, there is a good feeling attached to knowing you are the first of your friends to discover the next big thing!

So how do we break the cycle of same old same old? The simplest answer is to look somewhere new to find something new, break the habit of looking in the same places and step away from the mass marketing machine and see where that leads us to. We are surrounded by advertisements; walking down the street, printed publications and one click to open the browser of choice today will have my ad spam on red alert. 

Still the most common way for us to discover new brands is on the high street but this is closely followed by word of mouth from friends & family and the power of the search engine sits very closely behind. Now this is affected massively by the age, lifestyle and attitude of the consumer. If you have a commute into a city each day, there is a high chance you will wander down a high street over your lunch hour. As opposed to a more remote individual or say a mum who is busy on the school run and raising a family; these people are much more likely to have time on their phone rather than on their feet in stores.

And talking of time on our phones…. social media opens up so much opportunity, for consumers to stumble across brands and for those companies to show us their potential in a real and simply thinking of it, in a ‘social’ real life way. For those of us who hold in store browsing as close to hell as a 2hr passport que or it simply isn’t an option in life, we can easily replace this act with the never-ending swipe and scroll on our social feeds. That 4pm slump at desks, the multitasking of boxset and scroll – we don’t need to move far to keep in touch with that is happening with great products all around us. 

Whether we find new brands in a real or online world, what makes them stand out? Is it the endorsements from people we know or celebrity faces than mean the most? Is the draw of a great discount or no commitment try me once and see if you can fall in love? I would say a mixture of all the above have drawn me in at some stage, and I am delighted to have had flings with hair products and clothing lines that have turned into forever loves of my life! Taking the time to dip my toe in the unknown waters has allowed me to step off the same path as everyone else and if along this path, I get to have the early smugness of finding it first then this is just am added bonus