In today’s virtual age, we all rely on our phones and tablets for so much that it is no surprise that many business’ and sales people rely on internet bases sales and marketing strategies to sell products. So why is face to face marketing still so in demand and a growing part of even the most tech forward company’s strategy to increase sales?

So, let’s set the stage, how regularly do we get recommendations from friends and family to buy a new product or try a new service they have used? This may seem like an alien thought at first, I don’t remember my mates selling me anything recently…. but put yourself in the line for coffee when your friend orders the new flavoured latte of the season and lets you know they had it the other day and it was great. Or when your mate tells you he had a great discount on a new sports club he recently tried and that you should come along to. We don’t feel like we are being sold to because we know, trust and usually like the people we hang out with, so as we exchange recommendations it feels natural and unpressurised. 

This is exactly why face to face marketing is so integral to growing brands, they want to set the stage for their new customers that makes them feel comfortable and allows genuine interaction that will result in not only a sale, but a happy customer that will refer future business again and again. The higher the level of service and satisfaction is, the more doors face to face marketing opens.

Why is it better for the companies?

  • Unless you first have established a relationship, e-communications and social media posts can be too easily deleted and forgotten.
  • Feedback from your customer base can bring on the best innovations; what are your target audience interested in? What turns them off? Listen to the feedback of your F2F campaigns and know which turns to take next.

Why is it better for the seller?

  • Any sales person worth their time knows they must tailor their conversation to the person in front of them. Circumstances like their age, family situation and the budget are crucial to a quality sale that benefits everyone involved.
  • Bringing a face, voice & personality to the interaction makes it more human and real making the conversation more genuine and interesting! 

Why is it better for the buyer?

  • When a product or service is a great fit for a buyer often the thing standing in the way of them grabbing it themselves are one or two questions. When you have a real person to interact with you can get straight to the questions you really want to know the answer to. 
  • Whether it is a yes or a no this time around F2F simplifies the complexity of the interaction meaning you can get there much quicker and with trust and integrity for the brand intact. 
  • Often, we just don’t know there is a solution out there to a problem we have, with the growth in innovative products and services at such an exciting rate now more than ever finding ways to save time, money and interact with new experiences could be just one conversation away.

This is not to say that digital marketing is without value, as it is a mammoth machine that circulate us all daily. But overlooking the priority of the physical, face-to-face meeting can be devastating; so, hang on to those human interactions and see where the digital and real life age can meet somewhere in the middle…... somewhere like Unity Street ☺.