Unity Street was released to the world for the very first time back in June of this year. After many months of designs, brainstorms, decision making and planning sessions we did what every new technology business does and we finally let our users see and use it! We were excited and a little bit scared but we couldn’t wait to get it out there and have the most important part of the process start; learning where it needs to change, improve and grow so it can get better for the users and the brands alike. This has been the most rewarding thing we could have done, was it perfect or 100% ready? Nope! But what we have received in real user feedback and insight has been insanely positive. So now we are rolling out of summer and into the next season with the new and improved version of the App we wanted to share with you what we have learnt and how it has developed so far…..

  1. How does this thing work?

    It was like music to our ears when 95% of the first group of users came back to us with a simple explanation of what the platform was designed to do, how they would use it themselves & with their friends. Unity Street helps you discover exciting brands that you can share with your social circle at a discount and then get a monetary kick back for the recommendation. Seems easy, right? 
  2. Sharing in person V’s in the digital world:

    Our first stumbling block, how and where do I share these products, is it best to post the deals on my social feeds? Send out a WhatsApp? Have a chat over a beer in the pub after work? The first design of the app made this too complex to figure out and was the first thing we got to work on!
  3. New & improved user experience & design:

    We want you to get to know the brands and love them so much you’ll rave about them, the addition of a ‘brand quiz’ in each section was intended to fuel the understanding of the product and all its best bits. Instead it made many users scratch their head and complicate the process. All it took was a couple simple FAQ’s and a link to some video content to ‘get’ the product. So, we stripped it away and made it simple to see the brand, the discount you can take advantage of and the payment you get when someone takes use of your recommendation.
  4. More brands please!

    What comes first…. that whole chicken & egg debate will have us here a while….and so did all the brilliant suggestions that the first users sent in about what kind of brands they want to see available. We got cracking on that list sharpish and this version sees a shipment of new products to discover with more planned to come on board every week. We know that the more choice provided the more exciting it is, stay with us on this one; keep shouting out what you want and we will keep connecting you!
  5. Coupon code me up:

    Once upon a time getting out the discount code or money off voucher was done on the sly without your friends noticing, thankfully not anymore! Whether we are ordering food to be delivered or buying a car, its more uncommon to find someone who DOESN’T look for the best % off at the end of our fingertips.  Unity Street doesn’t just offer codes for the everyday but for the brands that we want to know about right now instead of waiting to hear of them tomorrow.
  6. Getting the referrals paid:

    The final part of the jigsaw on this round at least was getting all that lovely referral money into the hands of those who had earned it. Discovery & sharing is great, like a good quality chocolate cake, but the icing on top is making money from something you would be doing anyway. There was a big hole here and one we want to make sure never gets reopened! The improved sharing of codes and feedback loop on when your code has been used for a purchase takes away any grey areas about when you have made a successful referral and how that impacts your earnings through the App.

If you stayed with us this long, in the app and on this blog post we want to say a huge thank you for doing so! We are well and truly pumped about the next release, we want your feedback as much as ever and we will keep our sleeved rolled up to bring you the best brands, discounts and sharing platform on the market. 

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Team Unity Street.