Welcome to Unity Street. We believe in great products, brands and how they are discovered. We understand the sweat and tears that goes into telling the world about them and the excitement that comes from discovering a new brand you love. Most importantly we believe in the strength of having a brand advocate.

We have built Unity Street as a community for brand advocates. A place where you can discover amazing brands and hear their stories. A place where you can share their message with your friends and earn money when they become a customer. We believe in the strong relationship that is built when the right brand and customer meet and the best person to make that connection is a person, not artificial intelligence or an advertising algorithm.

Today, it can be substantially expensive to acquire a new customer through traditional digital advertising. Leveraging networks like Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords can be costly and often doesn't return the expected results. The strength of a new customers brand affiliation is directly impacted by how they were introduced to that brand. This is why we're focused on building that relationship between our brand advocates and our curated brands.

People have been telling their peers about products and services they love since the beginning. You should be rewarded and paid for gaining that new customer for that brand.

A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the holy grail of advertising. — Mark Zuckerberg CEO, Facebook

We have created a curated platform where our users can discover products and services. Staying on top of new product launches, events and promotions allows our users to really understand our brands message.

Sharing a brands message with your friends is an extremely dynamic affair. This is why Unity Street needs to step out of the way and provide you with the right tools to allow for ease of sharing in every context. We believe in face to face marketing but also understand a link needs to be shared to allow someone to sign up in their own time.

Gaining a new super customer for a brand you believe in is amazing but getting paid for doing so is even better. Unity Street works with our brands to ensure you get paid as soon as possible.

We're learning. Although this is the beginning of our journey, we have firm crosshairs on what we want to achieve and how we see the world. Let's make the best community possible together. 😎